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BTSV10 - Go Hug a Tree

BTSV10 - Go Hug a Tree

Green / Green

As you plant, so shall you reap.

Affinity with nature, particularly through the consciousness of trees, to attune with the spirals of time and the patterns of cause and effect. Helps to bring the energy for a new place and space and create harmony between what we plant and what comes up. Sometimes referred to as the ‘decision-maker’ energy, green can help with clear direction and empathy for others.

Shakes-to: Green

Tarot: Outward Journey of the Wheel of Fortune (B88)

Set: Expanded Chakra Set (4th/heart chakra)

Where to Apply: Apply in a band around the body encompassing the entire heart chakra area.

The Tester Set Vials contain the same dual coloured formulations as the Equilibrium 50ml bottles which are at the heart of the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® and consist of the combined energies of colour and light, crystals, plants, trees and herbs in an upper and lower fraction of oil resting upon water in a state of perfect balance. The Tester Set Vials are not used for application, but serve as a portable display for carrying into hospitals and palliative care situations for bottle selections, after which the selected colour combinations will be recommended in the 50ml bottles to provide the appropriate amount for working with them. The Tester Set is also used by kinesiologists when re-balancing the body, and as a teaching tool in working with the Equilibrium combinations on the Tree of Life Board.